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About Ponggol Seafood

Located at The Punggol Settlement, 3 Punggol Point Road, #01-08/09, we are the first Seafood Restaurant in Singapore Providing Home Delivery Service.


We are also the first and Original Hock Kee Seafood Restaurant to evolve in this area.

Our History

1969, is the birth of Ponggol (Hock Kee) Seafood Restaurant at Punggol Point. The founder of Hock Kee, Ting Choon Teng has a belief that “offering quality and fresh seafood at affordable prices” is the way his business should operate. Using his creativity and his belief, Mr Ting has then successfully created several recipes to tempt the tastebuds of many diners. The cheap and good food that the restaurant served was a draw itself and quickly attracted a clientele, which till today remained its regular patrons. Over the years the restaurant had been successful in attracting diners from all over Singapore. On peak evenings, it served an average of 700 customers at one go and a quarter of the diners were tourists. Before the reclamation of Punggol Point (1994) from the government, Hock Kee has situated at Punggol Point for 25 years. Ever since then, the unique rural charm at Punggol Point has been embedded into the minds of the patrons. In the year 1992 a new location was then chosen at World Trade Centre, now known as HarbourFront. While another branch was being set up in East Coast Park in the year 1993 and later another one at Hougang Mall. We came back to punggol Marina Country Club (MCC) in the year 2006. Situating at these places brings back fond memories for those who remember the charm of dining by the sea at Punggol Point, where patrons admired the water’s edge and twinkling lights of Johor on the horizon when they dine. These places were also strategically chosen to help Hock Kee broaden the clientele, mainly tourists and executives who are in search of good; local restaurant to entertain their clients. Today — 1st June 2014 , after 20 years Ponggol Hock Kee Seafood has returned to her humble beginnings at Punggol Point -The Punggol Settlement. According to some of our customers, travelling to enjoy our food also brings them back to the Kampong days. One will find the brightly three-lane-road transformed suddenly into single-lane one once you leave the HDB flats behind. It is the old road that leads to the old seafood restaurants , remains unchanged. A household name in Singapore and well known for its Chilli Crabs and Ponggol Famous Mee Goreng now features a wide range of mouth watering dishes to choose from. It is recommended to try some signature dishes like our Fried Lobster with Butter, Deep Fried Soon Hock Fish, La La Bee hoon , Crispy Baby Squid with Sauce, Black pepper crab , Salted egg yolk crab , Braised Duck with Sea Cucumber and our own Handmade Tofu. But the biggest dining draw is our own invention of Chilli Crab made up of 13 different sauces from the special recipe. This recipes which had become the Hallmark of our restaurant was successfully created by the Founder Mr. Ting Choon Teng who once worked as a foreman in a factory producing Chilli and Tomato sauce.You can be reassured of the crabs quality served at the restaurant as they were usually personally selected by Mr Ting himself.

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